5 Underrated NARS Blushes

If you hear NARS and blush in the same sentence it is usually along with the words orgasm or deep throat. If you are unfamiliar with NARS blushes, no I am not spewing profanity, they are just two of the most talked about shades in the NARS collection and along with the Laguna bronzer, probably keep the company going at the rate they sell. Now, I am not saying they aren’t worth the hype, but I thought it was about time the inter-webs discovered some new less talked about shades.

As a small introduction, all the NARS blushes below (whether powder or cream) are pigmented, have amazing colour pay off and are a beautiful formulation. They do not pick up any dry patches on dry skin and are super long lasting. While the cost is a bit off putting (especially here in Australia), if I was going to recommend any high end products to spend you money on, NARS blushes would be it!

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1. Exhibit A (Powder)


A vibrant matte true red, this colour is the real universal shade in my opinion (though I may start a riot with people arguing that it is orgasm). But truly, this colour looks gorgeous from the palest of people to the deepest darkest skin tones. As with all NARS blushes, Exhibit A is no exception and is extremely pigmented; so the fairer the skin tone the more important it is to use a light hand. Remember, you can always build up colour but it is much harder to take it off without disturbing the base. The colour can definitely be a bit scary to some people in the pan, but get someone to do an application on you and I am almost willing to guarantee that whoever you are you will love it.

2. Taj Mahal (Powder)


This is a shade I would recommend to anyone with warmer or golden undertones to their skin. It has a beautiful shimmer and is the perfect shade of orange to give you a sun kissed glow. The colour was specifically created for Naomi Campbell, so you darker ladies who always felt like blush never showed up on your skin, this one will look phenomenal on you! If you are fairer and don’t have a tan, I would suggest you stay away from this one as it can make you look a bit muddy and splotchy; stick with a highlight and a gentle contour instead.

3. Cactus Flower (Cream)


Described as a shimmering poppy colour, Cactus Flower, is another shade I think will suit everyone. NARS’s cream blushes are definitely less talked about but just as beautiful. They add a beautiful glow to the face that sometimes a powder just cant give making you look radiant but never shiny. The shimmer in it is not overly glittery or chunky and to me is just the right amount, though I would suggest you steer away from using too much cheekbone highlight with any of the shimmery shades. For you ladies with drier skin, definitely check this one out!

4. Sin (Powder)


Sin is a dark shimmery  blush which I think once again works on most people. If you are extremely fair, maybe give this one a miss but for most it should give you a beautiful berry toned cheek colour. I think often people veer away from purple blushes and stick with things in the pink family, though I am not sure why. This blush is guaranteed to make your tan pop and bring out the golden tones in your skin. For the darker ladies it compliments the skin tones beautifully and I feel makes you look naturally flushed, more so than a pink or a red.

5. Gold Member (Cream)


Finally, the boldest blush colour I have seen to date, Gold Member. Now this colour is definitely more for the tanned to deep ladies. It may look scary as anything in the pan but seriously on the cheeks doesn’t make you look like a slab of gold, I promise.  I remember first seeing this and thinking, a gold cream blush? What was NARS thinking? But when I used it, WOW, it just transformed the look. It doesn’t come off too glittery or shimmery like Cactus Flower or Taj Mahal  but reminds me of a Golden Sunset. Work it with warmer colours on the rest of your face, a royal blue eye or a red lip will compliment this beautifully. Again, I know that it is scary but promise to check it out next time you have access to NARS and you can thank me later.

This blog post is a modification of a request I received from a friend who wanted to explore new blush colours. I hope this helps you step out into the world of blushes and if anyone else has a suggestion for the next post just let me know.

xox your local bohemian

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