The Little Black Blog of Online Shopping; Bargain Edition

I am often told I am a bit of a bargain fiend, and to stay true to my inner bargainer I have honed my online shopping tactics. As per a request, today you are lucky enough that I will share some of these tips with you so sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and have your debit card ready to go, because once you’re done reading this I foresee some serious damage to some pretty bank accounts. 


1. Subscribe

Subscribe to all the wonderful websites you plan on supporting with your hard earned moolah. They are usually deals for members every month or so  with discounts ranging from 20%-70%. Even if they are not member exclusive, members will be the first to find out and you’ll have first pick of all the wonderful deals! I would recommend creating an email address dedicated to this purpose, as often they can clog up your normal email inbox; I get about 150 emails a day from my website subscriptions. Often websites will also provide you with a link or code when you subscribe, where if anyone buys through the link or uses the code you will get store credit or points!

2. Discount Codes and Coupons

The internet often hides a lot of the wonderful discount codes and coupons websites release and you’ll never find them. A quick Google search before finalizing your purchase will usually reveal any of these hidden gems. Just type in “website name discount code” into your search engine and it will give you a multitude of websites that regularly update their coupon database for all the major online stores, whether it is fashion, cosmetics or technology. OzBargain is another great place to keep up to date with the latest deals and discount codes so be sure to check that one out.  

3. Be an Enabler

Usually if there is a postage cost, it tends to be flat rate or more justifiable when you buy more items so if you’re thinking of doing an order drag some friends and family into your order and split the postage costs. Obvious right?

4. The Social Network

Social networking, primarily Facebook, is such an integral part of culture for many now and companies have cottoned on to the fact that most people are constantly connected via social networking. Like the company/website page on Facebook for exclusive online deals that not even members will get! Heck, I bet you’re on Facebook all the time anyway, might as well score some deals at the same time.

5. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Before you buy something that you love and adore full price think about the time of year, is it near Christmas, EOFY, Easter or any kind of holiday? Most stores will always do a sale at iconic parts of the year, and waiting just a week or two could save you some serious cash and even if it is just 10% sometimes, that’s still a few bucks less than you would have originally spent and a few bucks to spend on something else 😉

Five easy tips, that could save you some cash over this holiday season and in all future online shopping endeavours. I am planning on making this blog post a series titled “The Little Black Blog of Online Shopping” to be posted once a week a midst the. other posts Upcoming editions include:

  • Favourite Edition; a list of my most shopped websites for cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle and technology
  • Clothing and Fashion Edition; ever been scared of buying clothing online? This blog post will teach you how to pick sizes, cuts and shapes to suit you as well as determine the quality of a product when all you have to go off is a snazzy online photo.
  • Cosmetics Edition; it is so scary trying to determine the true colour, texture, finish and formulation of a product based on just a photo and description on a website designed to sell. This will help you narrow down the options and whittle out the duds so that when you get your package you’re not left with a WTF expression on your face

If there are any other editions you think would suit this series let me know and I will do my best to add it in. I hope you find this one helpful and you don’t hate me too much when your bank account number drops.

xox your local bohemian

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