One Moment in Time

This post is something a little different to the usual light hearted, beauty related ones. This post is intended to make the reader reflect and think. This post is written to challenge the ideals and norms that this time of year brings us. This post is designed to make you think, so what does Christmas mean to you?

Every year, without fail come October I am already contemplating the holiday season. Overly eager to put up the tree, only to be told by my family it is far to early to do so. Insanely keen to start my Christmas shopping, making gift lists, planning the wrapping and the decorating. I mean, why wouldn’t I be excited. Christmas, whether a religious holiday to you or merely a social one, is a time where many seem to be in a happy, kind and giving mood. How can there be anything wrong with that? Seeing excitement build as it gets closer and closer, the decorations in the malls go up and everyone looking just that little bit more ‘holiday’. It is easily my favourite time of the year.

However, this year, while discussing my love of Christmas with someone, they mentioned that while many are the happiest this time of year, some remain more alone and forgotten than ever. It got me thinking, for many this time of year is no different to any other day in the year; heck some don’t even have the means to tell that it is Christmas day.


I came across this still image whilst scouring the internet. It was taken by a photographer called Mike Wells in Uganda in 1980. A publication sat on the photo for 5 months without publishing it, until it was entered into a competition and won World Press Photo of the Year. You would think he would have been ecstatic that his work had been recognised finally, instead he was embarrassed that photos of people starving to death were trivialised to some prize in a photo competition.

This story truly inspired me. Now, I am certainly not claiming to be the image of perfection or the next Mother Teresa. People may argue that just thinking about it achieves nothing; agreed. But to me a thought, a contemplation, a prayer is far better than forgetting or worse, turning a blind eye.

So I don’t want to be the Grinch on Christmas, it truly is my favourite time of year. But it would mean so much to so many people if those who are privileged like myself could spare a thought for those who may be alone and struggling this time of year. Just because it is such a festive and wonderful holiday for so many of us, does not make all the troubles and problems in the world stop, even for a second. I often wish it did, so that those people could at least have some relief and respite even if for just a day, or just one moment in time.

xox your local bohemian

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