365 Blank Pages; New Year’s Party Style & Fashion

We are one week out from Christmas and come the 1st of January 2014 you have a brand new book to write; 365 blank pages, make sure it’s a good one. What better way to bring in the first few moments of the new year than by wearing something fabulous, sipping something delicious and surrounded by wonderful people. Here are some collages I have put together to inspire you as the eve of 2014 creeps upon us.

1. Monochrome and Classic


2. Sexy, Daring and Sky High


3. Royal and Glamorous


4. Purple Passion


They are, as i said, merely inspiration for different looks you can put together, as I know my readers are from all around the globe and we all have access to different stores and fashion. Get inspired, be creative and stay fabulous.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

xox your local bohemian


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