Skincare Favourites

So let us address the massive fail that has been me posting on this blog. I have literally planned ideas for so many but haven’t go around to actually sitting at a computer and typing away. However, I have now found myself with a day off to have a little me time so what better thing to do than give my new hobby a little loving. Ramble over. Part 3 of my ‘Essentials’ series is still in the works, but those posts tend to be so long they take a hot minute to write. In the meantime this is a short little post is about my current skincare routine and favourites. 

Let’s start with face masks. Why? because they are hands down my favourite skincare products to try and experiment with. I find a good face mask can brighten your complexion, eliminate blemishes, tone your skin and minimise pore size. I have tried a good many face masks over the years but keep coming back to my one staple.The Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack. It is just sheer perfection. I use it once a week on my face and it smooths uneven skin tone, brightens my skin after dullness has set in through the stressful week and any blackheads or pimples I have are GONE. A huge bonus is that it is cheap as chips. I stock up on mine from my trips to India, my motherland, but if you can get your hands on this beauty do so pronto. I will do some research and update this blog with places you kind find Himalaya Herbals within Australia. I have been using this mask for over 7 years now and credit my good skin to this 100%.



My other current favourite face mask comes with a slightly heftier price tag. It is the Glam Glow Supermud mask. It’s the one that comes in a gorgeous little white tub and works much the same way as the Himalaya mask. When you pop it on the Glam Glow is definitely a little darker in colour, but they both dry down to a grey/green colour where you can see right into your pores. If you can’t get a hold of the HImalaya (I know it could be hard within Australia) and can afford this then definitely give it a go. You can pick it up from your local Mecca Cosmetica ( at around the $70 AUD mark.


Now we move on to my favourite cleanser, the Ren Cleansing balm. I have down an entire review on this saviour in a jar ( so I wont ramble on about it too much, but let me give you the key highlights: 

  • waterproof mascara? GONE
  • burning eyes? nope.
  • skin moisturised? you betcha
  • oily residue? hella no.
  • breakouts? not since this baby has been in my routine

Anyway you get it. If you only buy one product from this post, it should be this one! Buy Now: $50

Last but certainly not least are my two Khiels products.from their Acai Berry range. I use their moisturiser and serum. Let me tell you why they are wonderful. I have been on a kick as of the last 2 months or so of trying not to use any form of foundation on my face on a daily basis. I have been blessed with limited breakouts but always liked how foundation just evened out my skin tone. I thought I would add a skin care product into my routine that claimed to minimise dark spots, pigmentation and give a smoother skin tone. That is exactly what this Khiels range promises to do. I was sceptical at first but within 2 weeks I noticed such a huge difference in my skin. 

If a skincare product can give me the confidence to leave the house without a layer of coverage on my face, then it has two huge thumbs up from me. They work great as an everyday pair too. I can’t say you get a heavy duty level of moisturising from these, but if you have normal to oily combination skin they will work great for you. 

With these products as part of a regular routine, my skin has never ever looked better so have a look into these and you can thank me later. While you wait on my Essentials Part 3 instalment have another read of Part 1: Complexion and Part 2: Eyes, Brows and Lips.

Until next time

xox your local bohemian

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