Melting Foundation!? Stress No More!

Hello my little bohemians. Let’s cut straight to the point. Does your foundation just slide around on your face in the spring and summer? Living in Australia it is hot all year long so this is an issue I have had to battle from day dot of my makeup journey.


I am willing to bet no one will think that this grease-pot look is attractive so here’s a foolproof trick to keeping your foundation on all day long without looking cakey, heavy or oily. Everyone knows to powder AFTER their foundation application to set it but have you ever been told to powder BEFORE? Follow these easy steps below and then tell me the change in the staying power of your base makeup.

1. Not to prime is a crime; priming your face is essential. There is so many options out there, and honestly I havent found a primer I hate. The key is to stick within your skin type. If you have oily skin go for something oil free formulated for oily skin, if it is dry be sure to get something moisturising that will smooth out any dry patches on your face. If you have a fairly normal skin type, and are lazy day to day like me, a simple face moisturiser also works well as a primer. My favourite affordable primer for my combination/oily skin is the NYX Studio Perfect Primer in ‘Clear’ $13 USD (

I do also love the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer but the cost runs a bit high at $75 AUD for a full size (

2. Powder numero uno; this is your crucial element to your stay all day face base. Powder your primer with a lightweight, translucent powder that adds almost no coverage. It should not feel like an extra layer on your face like a powder foundation or even a lot of setting powders. My pick is the NARS Light Reflecting Powder in the pressed version $55 AUD ( I prefer the pressed purely because it ensures you deposit less product on your face, the loose tends to result in a lot of product on your brush and consequently on your face. It may feel like you’re not picking up a lot of product with the pressed version, but I promise you are, and it is all you need. Unfortunately I do not have an affordable option that I can personally recommend but look up some dupes for the NARS and give those a go. Just to reiterate they key is no coverage and extremely lightweight.

3. Foundation Nation; now pop your favourite foundation on (and conceal here too). I am not going to recommend any, I am sure you know what you like. The only thing I will say is avoid powder foundations for this technique and make sure you buff your liquid, cream or gel foundation really well into your skin so it can become one with your previous two layers.

4. Powder numero dos; your traditional step of powdering. This can be the powder you normally use. It can be the light powder foundation if you want more coverage, a pigmented setting powder or exactly the same powder you used before. Whatever you decide. I personally just use my NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder again.

You’re Done!

This technique is age old and tried and tested. It is surprising it isn’t more highly talked about. Anyway, give it a shot and let me know what you think!

xox your local bohemian

PS: stay tuned for my next post all about skin types. It will go into the science behind your skin and what type of skin care and base makeup you should be using, including some of my own personal picks.

7 thoughts on “Melting Foundation!? Stress No More!

  1. I’ve never tried powdering before foundation. I’m going to start doing that! Can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

    1. I trying to post new and different content to most blogs I read so hopefully no Kim kardashian contouring or wing liner posts 😛 unless its a request. Make sure you use a very very light powder before though! That is key or it will clump and cake up

  2. I am going to try to powder before applying foundation. I never really thought that would do anything but waste the primer and clump up the foundation. What primer with what foundation did you use this with? I will definitely try this the next time I apply makeup!

    1. Definitely give it a go but as I stressed in the post the key is a very light translucent of transparent powder that doesn’t add coverage. As for primers and foundations I’ve done it with a whole mix everything from a NYX primer to smashbox to benefit and my favourite foundations are the Revlon color stay, Nars sheer glow or the hourglass veil 🙂

      1. All the powders I use are translucent. I hate using powder with color. How does Revlon colorstay work down there in the heat? Is it humid in Oz?

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