Napoleon Perdis Haul and Review

Welcome back my little bohemians! Can I call my readers that? Or is it too condescending? Either way, this is my first post in a while that is not part of my skincare series. About a month ago I purchased some items from Napoleon Perdis and have had a little bit of time to use it all so let me give you my honest opinions on my products.


As you can see I did quite a splurge. Let’s start of with the things I love!

China Doll Gel Liners

These are my HOLY GRAIL gel liners. I picked up the black one (used to be called “Equinox”, now called “Yin”) almost 3 years ago. It is so smooth, creamy, jet black and 3 years later still hasn’t dried up and works like it did the day I bought it. The fact that I love it so much and have had it for 3 years also tells you the product lasts for ages. Because it is so jet black, you don’t need to keep layering it up to get it opaque. 

On this haul I picked up a navy, a teal and a white. The formula of all of them is exactly like the black. I adore it. My only qualm is that the white is not as opaque as I would like it to be and I need to build it up with a few layers. This might also be due to my dark skin tone, as the white needs to be really stark and crisp for it to look clean.

I also love mixing the navy, black or white with my favourite lipsticks (mainly my reds) to create vampier or softer shades.

These retail for $39.00 AUD and are worth every penny.

Forever Flawless Book

I love this book! It is a great read as it covers makeup basics for all ages. If you are like me and really only dabble in makeup for yourself, you would know that you become very good at your own makeup and try that style on everyone else and it looks terrible. I get asked to do my friends’ makeup all the time and often struggle as I am only really good at working with my own face and shape. This book helps you work with different faces at a variety of different ages and there are some really useful hints and tricks.

Once you have finished reading it, the beauty cover makes for a great coffee table book and conversation starter! I totally love this and think its a great pick for all makeup enthusiasts.

This retails for $39.95 AUD

DeVine Goddess Lipsticks

I picked two of these lipsticks up in ‘Aphrodite’ (a classic red) and ‘Artemis’ (a light everyday slightly shimmery pink). I love them both. They are a rich creamy formula the just glides on my lips and doesn’t settle into any fine lines or cracks. Not to mention the gorgeous packaging that makes it feel so luxe.

Aphrodite is full of pigment, has a beautiful sheen on the lips and with a lip liner creates a classic red lip. Artemis is a much lighter pink. My lips are quite pigmented so for me it comes of as a fairly sheer wash of colour but that makes it perfect for everyday. There is a slight shimmer in it, but it just makes the lips look plump and full, you certainly can feel the shimmer and only see it if you look very closely.

While I love these lipsticks, I think for the price we can get similar formulas that are cheaper. However if you live in Australia like me, where everything is overpriced, these lipsticks are actually quite affordable and a fantastic option for some high end luxury in your collection.

These retail for $35 AUD

Tropical Heat: Coral Collection

This is a gift set collection which includes:

  • Cheek To Chic Blush Duo
  • Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad
  • Luminous Lip Veil

For starters the lip veil! I LOVE THIS. It is a non sticky pigmented gloss that just makes your lips look luscious and full. I love the colour that comes with this collection, it is so universal for all skin tones and colours. The packaging is beautiful (as always) and the smell is so sweet and fruity. If you don’t like strongly scented lip products maybe give this a miss.

The blush duo is beautiful and highly pigmented. The colours in the collection are a little too light for my skin tone but I use them as highlight shades and love it. The darker colour of the two works perfectly as a light everyday blush for me just to add some colour into my cheeks. It’s winter here right now so my skins not look as glowing as normal, so this duo has been a lifesafer for me.

The eyeshadow quad is the real hero of this collection. The colours are a bit odd at first glance but they end up creating some beautiful looks and work together like a dream. They are blendable, pigmented, creamy and super high quality. I can definitely tell the team at Napoleon have given some thought to the colour choices as they are different but wearable, versatile and all around beautiful! I am loving this quad right now.

The collection is now sold out on the Napoleon Perdis website but has an RRP of $120 AUD. You can pick it up from this website for $60 AUD

No onto the product I am not totally in love with.

15th Anniversary Lip Palette

So I thought I loved Napoleon products and a whole palette of what looked like beautiful lip colours seemed like a dream. These are shocking. They are sheer and out of the 15 colours I think on the lips you’re probably looking at about 3-5 different looks. The aren’t sticky but they just do not do what you expect. I think this should be marketed as a gloss palette as you do not expect glosses to be as pigmented.

The worst bit about this palette is the smell. It is so strong and sweet. I mentioned I do actually like scents in my products but this one just gives me a headache. My mother didn’t mind it though so maybe it is a preference thing, but be warned.

I am still in the process of trying to make this work and wondering whether my pigmented lips are the reason the colours aren’t working. I will keep you guys posted if anything changes.

For a collectors item, the packaging is cheap and plastic and the gold colour on the back is already peeling off. It isn’t a cheap item, so I would only recommend it right not to people who are die hard Napoleon Perdis collectors!

This palette was a whopping $150 AUD RRP. You can pick it up from here for $100 AUD

I got a couple of small brushes and a makeup case too as added extras within the sets, nothing remarkable nothing I hate.

I hope you enjoyed the mini haul/review.

Until next time my little bohemians, remember to check out my Instagram giveaway (post on this blog or check out @abohemianexistence on Instagram) where you have a chance to win a voucher to Beauty Bay. It will be drawn at 300 followers so be sure to share this blog around so you can win sooner.

xox your local bohemian.


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    1. I wouldn’t be able to tell you but look into and if they are you definitely should but I am in the process of doing a post on my holy grail skin care line that is totally gluten free 😀 xx

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