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Aloha my fellow beauty bohemians. I bring you a short quick makeup haul post today. Sleek Makeup had a 30% off sale recently and it triggered me to buy a few things I have been eyeing for so long! For those of you who do not know Sleek is a brand based out of the UK. You can buy their products online and they ship internationally ( I have heard some phenomenal reviews regarding their products, especially for people with darker complexions like me. Their products are super affordable, probably higher end drugstore prices for my American readers and definitely cheaper than anything you can find in Australia, drugstore or otherwise.

Before I get in to the haul, I would just like to tell you about my experiences with this company. Their website is easy to navigate and simple to order from which was a pleasure. The shipping costs for my package totaled to almost $30 USD which, in my opinion, is rather expensive. However the estimated shipping time from the UK to Australia was 3-8 business days, which isn’t too bad and the shipping also offered tracking. My package did not arrive for 14 days and the tracking service updated once in this whole time period.

For the price I paid for shipping I am not a happy bohemian. However I have contacted customer service requesting a refund of my shipping fee as well as suggesting to them to change their estimated shipping time to reflect how long it actually seems to take. I will keep you guys posted on how customer service handles this.

Now onto the haul. I picked up a few things from a few different ranges and have popped in some pictures and descriptions below. Everything is package beautifully and while I told myself I wouldn’t say this, the packing is quite “sleek”. Get it? I crack myself up sometimes. But it really truly is very classy, compact functional packaging.

iDivine Palettes


These are 12 eyeshadow palettes than come in a range of shades. I picked up the limited edition “Rio Rio” palette, which is full of bright colours and has a great mix of mattes, satin and shimmer finishes. I also picked up their “Sunset” palette which has some beautiful colours (the orange is divine) but the majority are satin/shimmer finished with the exception of the matte black. On first impression, these shadows are beautifully pigmented but because of this have quite a lot of fallout. I am excited to do some brighter, different looks with these palettes.

Blush by 3


I thought the best way to trial their blushes was to the get the trio palettes and I could not be happier! I have a hard time getting blushes to really show up on my skin tone but all 6 of these have beautiful finishes and effects. The red “Flame” palette has 2 mattes and a shimmer. The colour on the left is actually beautiful for a natural flush for my NC45 skintone! The middle red reminds me a lot of my NARS Exhibit A. I have a swatch comparison post in the works for you. The pink “Pink Spirit” palette has some of the most beautiful pink shades I have seen and will keep you posted on how they all work when put to the test.

True Colour Lipsticks


I haven’t actually tried these yet but picked them up in the shades “Succumb” (deep berry), “Smoulder” (dark nude), “Tweek” (medium nude), “Exxxagerate” (true purple) and “Tangerine Scream” (orange). I lust after my bright shades and think a good bold lip colour can really pull an otherwise simple look from drab to fab! Exxxagerate and Tangerine Scream are the perfect options for this. I don’t care what anyone says, a fabulous lip can be worn in summer, winter or an afternoon in bed. I have been on the search for a nice, super dark berry colour so let us see how this one fares. The two nudes are what I am most excited for. With my skin tone, finding a nude that doesn’t make me look like I suffer from concealer lips. Hopefully I finally find that much sought after ‘my lips but better’ with these. 

Brow Kit


Okay, so normally I would have gone for the dark brown (black can just be a bit scary on anyone on the brows) but the black kit was on sale. Haven’t tried it, but I am hoping if they do it a black, it won’t apply super opaque and scouse brows-y. Never heard of the scouse brow? Google it and groan. I am a brow fiend and even if there is not a single other product on my face, a clean defined brow will be found! I hope I have found a new brow product I can love and not feel like I need to break the bank.

Base Duo


Honestly, this was on sale in a colour that seemed like a pretty close match to my skin tone so I bought it to try. It has a cream foundation and a setting power in a classy little compact. Don’t have a lot to say about it and haven’t heard much about it before so I will 100% be doing a post dedicated to this in the near future.



Kajal, not pronounced kuh-jaal but kaa-jul. It’s an old school Indian product that many brands have now released a version of. Dark, smoky, creamy and opaque black traditional. I am not sure how this one will stack up to the many I have tried, but I picked one up to give it a try anyway.

All done. If these products go down well then expect more hauls from sleek but until then keep an eye out for reviews of these products once I have had time to dig into them. Until then, I will be uploading a post about my all time, holy grail skincare product line sometime in the next couple of days.

xox your local bohemian

2 thoughts on “Sleek Makeup Haul

    1. I know 😦 I am holding out for hoping they have good customer service. For a brand that relies on having a strong online service to have an international presence, such things are important. I am more curious than anything to see how they handle a situation like this. It will say a lot about them as a company! Will keep you posted. Thanks for the comment and support. Products are 100% worth trying 🙂 xx

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