DEA (diethanolamine): an organic alkali used in skin care formulas to neutralize acids (raise pH). Usually listed on labels preceding a compound it is neutralizing. FDA has released warning regarding the association between DEA and cancer in laboratory animals.

Dimethicone: a form of organic silicone, skin protectant, moisture sealant, non comedogenic, has been used in some scar therapies.It gives product lubricity, slip and good feel and smooths fine lines. Found naturally in horsetail extract. It is well tolerated by most skin types.

Decyl Oleate: an emollient with excellent penetrating properties; used to improve product spread-ability and smooth feel on the skin

Decyl Polyglucoside: an extremely mild non ionic surfactant

Diazolidinyl Urea: one of a new generation of cosmetic preservatives. Has been found to be a very effective broad spectrum anti microbial agent.

DMAE: dimethylaminoethinol, an antioxidant membrane stabiliser, provides free radical protection and clinically proven firmer skin.

DMDM Hydatoin: a preservative



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