Oat (Aveena Sativa) Kernel Extract: a soothing, calming extract rich in proteins, lipids and beta glucan

Octinoxate: UVB sunscreen

Octisalate: UVB sunscreen

Octocrylene: UV radiation blocker used in sunscreens

Octyl Dodecanol: emollient with good spread-ability; a good vehicle for oil soluble agents

Octyl Methoxycinnamate: sunscreen, UVB blocker. Derived from cinnamon or cassia oil. Less irritating than PABA.

Octyl Palmitate: non drying, non greasy solvent; often used in cleansers and astringents

Octyl SalicylateL UV radiant blocker used in suncreens

Oleic Acid: derived from olives, a mono unsaturated fatty acid that improves product ability to penetrate

Olive (Olea Europaea) Oil: carrier oil with excellent lubricity, rich in vitamins, nourishing calming and soothing. Considered an especially good carrier for essential oils.

Olive Squalene: a nutrient rich botanical lipid very similar to human sebum with some antibacterial properties. Excellent moisture retention capability.

Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Oil: antispasmodic and sedative, excellent for congested or dull skin. Rich in Vitamin C.

Oxybenzone: UV radiation blocker used in sunscreens.


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