Vanilla (Vanilla Plantifolia) Oil: rich sweet oil that is rich in polyphenols that possess antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties

Vitamin A: Potent antioxidant, making it an extremely effective free radical scavenger. It is used widely for healing and is an anti ageing ingredient because of its ability to stimulate new cell production.

Vitamin B6: pyridoxine hydrochloride, thought to have antibacterial as well as antioxidant benefits,

Vitamin C: L-ascorbic acid, highly effective water soluble antioxidant. Acts as a collagen biosynthesis regulator, heloing to trigger the skins collagen production. Also helps to prevent breakdown of cells due to environmental exposure. Anti inflammatory properties soothe damaged skin.

Vitamin D: only vitamin the body is able to manufacture (when exposed to UV light). This vitamin is necessary for the building of new skin cells, as well as teeth, bones and hair.

Vitamin E: oil soluble antioxidant widely used in skin care; also an emollient

Vitamin E Acetate: a natural cellular renewal ingredient and antioxidant that improves the water barrier of the skin. In its pure form the oil is too heavy for daily use on the face, however makes an excellent ingredient in moisturisers, eye treatments and facial masks.

Vitamin K: phytonadione, a fat soluble vitamin the helps diminishes visible effects of broken capillaries, redness and dark circles.


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