Music Uncovered: JP Cooper

I am certainly not lying when I tell you that my interests are eclectic, diverse, bohemian. I have a passion for discovering artists that are brilliant, though perhaps underrated. Bookmark this page for regular updates on musicians I find fascinating, lyrically challenging, vocally captivating and musically inspiring.

While I have always been an avid searcher of new and interesting musical sounds, this series was inspired by stumbling across one Mr JP Cooper. I am subscribed to a channel JacksGap on Youtube who have recently started a ‘Shed Sessions’ series (another brilliant way to discover new talent). This series featured JP Cooper in their most current video.

Cooper is smooth to listen to. His music is predominantly acoustic and folk, based around a beautifully composed guitar. His lyrics are believable conveyed with so much emotion and truth. I further explored his tunes on Spotify and discovered all his music have these same elements. It is the kind stuff that gives your heart peace. The songs are minimally produced, raw and honest, just the way I think music was intended to be. Cooper may be a gifted song writer, but his voice is on another level. His vocals intricate, with amazing control and they sound so genuine and effortless.  A vocal range that is on point, a falsetto to die for and vocal licks that would make a gospel singer envious. So much talent in one man.

On Spotify you will find 5 (yes FIVE) EPs recorded by this wonderfully talented man. There is absolutely no excuse to not go give this amazing artist some love.

xox your local bohemian

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