Music Uncovered: Robbie Balmer and Cloudbreak

I am certainly not lying when I tell you that my interests are eclectic, diverse, bohemian. I have a passion for discovering artists that are brilliant, though perhaps underrated. Bookmark this page for regular updates on musicians I find fascinating, lyrically challenging, vocally captivating and musically inspiring.

Welcome to my second post in this series, this time uncovering Australian artist Robbie Balmer and his band Cloudbreak. Now I tend to not keep up to date with commercial television and apparently Robbie was featured on the 2014 season of The Voice Australia, so may be known to some of you.

I had the pleasure of hearing Cloudbreak play at a local event earlier this year and was awe struck by Balmer’s vocals and the overall sound of the band. You will find a recurring trend in the artists I choose to feature on this blog series; raw, honest and genuine vibes. This artist is no exception.

Head over to Balmer’s YouTube channel so listen to an array of beautiful covers of some of my favourite classics including Fast Car and I Can’t Make You Love Me. I can guarantee you will be captivated by the multi talented musician who not only masters the voice but plays guitar and piano.

More recently, you can find him as part of the band Cloudbreak. You can hear their original tracks on their Sound Cloud. It is very reminiscent of the vibes you get from Coldplay or The Script. They are certainly commercial in sound and lyric but that is not a bad thing by any means, it makes them relatable and an easy listen.

Right now your selection of tunes from these guys is pretty limited, so let’s hope new material is just around the corner. Definitely a space to keep watching.

xox your local bohemian

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