And That’s Okay

A quick little post about my new mantra.

I recently had a little self care date with a friend of mine; involving lots of food and lazing around at the beach in the sun and on the sand. As these girly dates often go, we got talking about all of life’s really serious issues: you know boys, gossip and drama?

Disclaimer: I am totally joking when I say these issues are serious. Don’t go ripping into me. Sometimes these superficial topics are required to be spoken about to keep us sane.

Anyway we quickly realised something. Everyone is in charge of their own life choices, and we cannot impose those decisions on others. On the same note, we cannot expect someone elses life choices to be the best for us. Each individual person makes these decisions for themselves, to better themselves and to make them the best they can be. And that’s okay.

Perhaps what irks us the most about others is that they often make decisions that do not benefit us. That is not to say these decisions hurt us in anyway, they are just not ideal for us or the same decision they we would make. And that’s okay.

This is not to say that it is okay for people to be selfish or actively hurtful and use this as a justification. Good relationships with anyone involve a certain element of compromise and it is never okay to make a choice knowing it would bring pain (physical or emotional) to someone. And that isn’t okay.

However, to the person reading this, if someone makes a choice that you don’t like, think about a couple of things. What is your relationship with this person? Sometimes the strongest relationships are the ones where you support someone through a decision that may not entirely align with your thoughts. This applies to friends, families and romantic conquests. If their choices really are deal breakers then let that be known, allow them to make an informed choice and then sometimes you just need to respect that. It isn’t easy. And that’s okay.

It is okay to not like everything someone does.

It is okay to make your own life choices for you and not everyone else

It is okay to let someone else take their own path (and make their own mistakes)

It is okay to be upset if you lose someone over a decision.

No two people are the same. No two people will ever choose to live the same life. No two people will always see eye to eye. And that’s okay.

xox your local bohemian

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