Music Uncovered: Hozier

I am certainly not lying when I tell you that my interests are eclectic, diverse, bohemian. I have a passion for discovering artists that are brilliant, though perhaps underrated. Bookmark this page for regular updates on musicians I find fascinating, lyrically challenging, vocally captivating and musically inspiring.

I hope you have found this series somethings new and intriguing for your creative mind. Welcome to the third artist I have uncovered; Hozier. Hozier is an Irish artist who is possibly more well known than the previous two artists to be featured on this blog. His music to me is fueled by passion. I stumbled across this wonderful man when his music was featured on a TV series I watch.

As a side note. TV shows provide an excellent way to discover lesser known artists that have some amazing emotive pieces, perfect for that dramatic death scene or that passionate first kiss.

The first song I hear was called Arsonist’s Lullaby. There is a lyric in this song “Don’t you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash”. Profound or what? The song has an edgy vibe, strong beat and some pretty epic piano runs in the background.

Much of his music is centered around tricky guitar work, both acoustic and electric, and to me (who has forever tried and failed to learn the guitar) he handles the instrument like some gorgeous sex god. His vocal stylings are cool, relaxed and effortless but on closer listen you soon realise his impressive range and control.

You get so much musical diversity with classic acoustic tunes right through to something with more punch where he channels a rather classic rock sound. The softer to Hozier is probably my personal favourite. As you have probably realised through this series, I enjoy something where I can truly sit back and love every lyric and every melodic line.

This post is merely a minute taste of the brilliance within this artist. Check him out on Spotify (it’s free so no excuses) and then obviously go (legally) download his tracks to support such a genuine, unique and talented musician.

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips. We would just kiss like real people do.

xox your local bohemian

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