The Brush Edit Feat. Zoeva Brushes

Hola my bohemian readers, I am back with a wonderful content full post for you today. I recently purchased a whole array of Zoeva brushes and have had pleasure of using them exclusively in my daily routine to create this edit for you. If you want to know more about Zoeva as a brand and how you can purchase from them, there will be more information at the end of this blog. IMG_20150205_093219 While almost every single brush in the collections I tried have impressed me, I have narrowed down my selection to my Top 14 brushes that will take care of all your makeup needs from a daily natural look right through to a full face of makeup for a glam night out. You can order these brushes individually or within sets, so just have a browse of their website and see what suits you best. For reference I ordered the following 3 sets: – The Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – The Complete Eye Set – The Full Vegan Face Set These brushes are not listed in order of preference but rather the order of application to the face. They are all incredibly soft so I shall refrain from repeating that about each brush. There is a mix off natural and synthetic brushes in this list. The pure white ones are typically natural bristles while the black/white ones are synthetic. As a general rule remember: natural bristles for powder and synthetic for cream products. 1. Luxe Smoky Shader: 234 IMG_20150215_111331 This is the perfect brush for packing colour all over the eye as well as highlighting the brow bone. It is slightly denser and flatter so not great for blending. 2. Luxe Crease: 228 IMG_20150215_111406 The PERFECT crease brush to blend colour out through your crease. It is perfectly tapered and not too dense so it will apply colour precisely and blend as you go so you wont have any harsh lines. 3. Luxe Soft Definer: 227 IMG_20150215_111424 The notorious MAC 217 dupe brush. I love this as the brush I keep ‘clean’ and use just to blend during every step of my eye look. It blends seamlessly, keeps the intensity of the colour but just gives you that perfect blur. 4. Luxe Petite Crease: 231


My favourite brush for a cut crease, a defined outer v or working on the lower lashline. It is so incredibly tapered and precise but not at all sharp or scratchy. It is slightly denser so won’t blend a whole lot, but definitely gives you the definition an precision you need in more dramatic eye looks. 5. Fine Liner: 315


This is a brush you could potentially love or hate. It all depends on how you prefer to apply your gel liners. I thought I would hate it but I found the bend in the brush so ergonomic to apply my gel liners and create that perfect flick. If you are the fan of the traditional liner brush (without the bend) then you may dislike this. 6. Wing Liner: 317 IMG_20150215_111546 This brush is a little holy grail. It is perfect for wing liner, as the name suggests and is the type of brush I am used to using as opposed to the one I mentioned earlier. However, I have two of these babies. The second one I use as a brow brush. It gets my brows so defined. If I brush them out with a spooly then they look more natural or I can get them super bold and daring with this sharp number. 7. Buffer: 104


A large soft dense brush that is perfect for foundation application. I love how big it is and therefore covers an awesome surface area making your foundation application quick easy and flawless. 8. Silk Finish: 102


This brush may be another one some of you might give a miss however it is essential to me. I use this to perfect my foundation. I am a bit OCD when it comes to a perfectly blended flawless base, so I go in with this brush to really air brush my foundation after using the buffer. It is much smaller so you can target specific areas. It also works great to build coverage in certain problem areas without caking the whole face up. This, with the 104 gives me a perfect base. 9. Concealer Buffer: 142


A tiny version of the silk finish brush, this brush is perfect for buffing out my under eye concealer or stippling to spot concealing on my face. My new holy grail concealer brush. I use this daily when I am not wearing foundation and just want that giant blemish in the middle of my forehead to not be so giant. 10. Face Shape: 110


If the 102 was the big sister and the 142 was the baby sister, the 110 would be the one stuck in the middle. These 3 brushes have an almost identical shape and density but their variation in size gives them completely different uses. The 110 is perfect for a cream contour. It applies and buffs cream products like a dream on your face, melting them in with your base making you (as Beyonce would say) FLAW-LESS. 11. Luxe Face Paint: 109


The ideal powder contour brush, it gets right into the hollows of your cheeks, chisels your cheekbones and makes them look sky high. Much winning with this brush. 12. Luxe Highlight: 105


So I know I said I wouldn’t constantly repeat how soft these brushes are, but this brush is the exception. It is SO DAMN SOFT. I find myself running it through my fingers or on my face just to feel how soft it is. Aside from that, it is a beautiful highlight brush and gives you a precise application so you don’t look like a disco ball. 13. Luze Sheer Cheek: 127


A beautiful blush brush. It is just the right density to give you a wash of colour, but is entirely build-able to add more colour if you want something more dramatic. The angle is what makes it a win for me. It means you don’t end up looking straight o the 60’s with two round blobs of pink on your cheeks. The density is on point so you blend as you go. Pretty much everything you would want from a blush brush. 14. Luxe Face Define: 101


A giant tapered fluffy brush. Love this for dusting powder all over the face. The fact that it is tapered means you can achieve some element of precision and just powder the T-zone if your look is more glowy and less matte, however it is big enough to cover your whole face effortlessly and quickly. Did I mention it was SOFT SOFT SOFT? There we have it. My Top 14 picks for a full face from the 30 odd brushes I tried. Every single brush is made beautifully and is top quality. I would highly recommend checking this brand out. Zoeva is a cosmetics brand based out of Germany. They do a multitude of cosmetics and makeup items, but have recently taken social media by storm with their brushes. High quality affordable and accessible worldwide, Zoeva brushes are perfect for makeup artists, makeup addicts and the ordinary girl alike. You can order directly off their website (which is what I did) or there are many online stores that also stock Zoeva products. The Zoeva website offers a flat rate shipping to almost every country in the world so you can definitely balance out shipping by putting in an order with a friend or just buying a truckload of product, like it did. I hope you found this beneficial in selecting your next set of brushes to purchase. Happy makeup-ing. xox your local bohemian Find me on Instagram @abohemianexistence

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    1. Thanks 💜💜 I havent found a post talking about the top picks, so thought I would do one. Hope it was helpful in deciding the ones you would like. Let me know how you find them if you do order. 😘

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