Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review

Yes, I have been incredibly MIA but never fear I have returned with a glorious makeup review. Having been on a rather fiendish spending spree of late, I have acquired some beautiful new additions to my makeup collection. Before I get into the review, to stay up to date with what I am up to, my favourite products and my food and music adventures follow me on instagram @abohemianexistence.

Before starting any foundation I like to explain my skin type, so you know what I am working with and whether it is an option for you. I would highly suggest you try find out what skin type a reviewer has before buying any foundations they recommend because this is a HUGE factor in how a foundation will work for you.

I have pretty normal skin for the most part. Some oiliness over the t-zone but nothing that has ever caused me a problem. I don’t really need to even always powder over this region. I have some very light pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead. The usually cover up quite easily with even a BB cream, so it gives you an idea of how light the pigmentation actually is. I rarely suffer from breakouts or redness and many other skin problems people may face. What I look for in a foundation is something the evens out my complexion and keeps me looking natural and radiant when I am wear a full face of makeup and a heavy smoky eye with huge lashes just wont match with bare skin.

And now the review.


An incredibly lengthy name: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. Let’s just called it the Naked Skin Foundation shall we?


Starting with the outside and working our way in, the packaging is beautiful. Coming in a shiny rose gold box it feels luxe the moment it sneaks its way into your shopping cart. The bottle itself is a sturdy lightweight plastic. While glass always feels more luxurious, glass bottles are a pain to travel with as they are heavy or worse, can break. The cap is also plastic with a gunmetal finish and looks beautiful on display if that’s how you store your makeup. To top it all off, it comes with a pump (as all foundations should…*cough cough* NARS *cough cough*). Only complaints on the pump front is the amount it pumps, I think it could be slightly more. That being said, it is always better it pumps less and you go back for a bit more than wasting product because the pump dispenses too much product.



The formula is definitely on the lighter runnier side, but not as much as say the NARS “All Day Luminous” or the Bare Minerals “Bare Skin”. It glides and buffs like a dream. I have used it both with an without a primer and it performs well on both accounts. Without a primer it still doesn’t highlight any pores or settle in fine lines, the only thing I have found a primer does it increase it’s longevity.


It has a smooth silky feel and dries down to a beautiful natural skin-like finish. If you hate powder you wouldn’t NEED it with this foundation, but I think a little translucent powder just helps to set it. Looks great in person, not heavy and sits on the skin nicely. Furthermore, it photographs beautifully, no flash back and just looks radiant. WINNING!


The coverage to me is light to medium (buildable to full). Now when assessing the coverage of a foundation I am always a tad apprehensive. I (luckily) have pretty good skin, so almost ANYTHING on me gives me full coverage. I have used it on friends and it seems to cover quite a lot of redness and rosacea without looking heavy or cakey, so I would be eager to say it can be built right up. I love it because I can use just one pump and buff it right over my face to just even out my skin tone and it’d be hard to tell I had much on my face.


Now here’s where you may run into problems. There is an AWESOME colour range, right from pink undertones (anything with a .5) or yellow undertones (anything with a .0). So what’s the problem? They oxidise. Makes it a pain to buy right away in store or online. It is an easy problem to fix but you would definitely have to get an application or sample to see how it wears in your skin and what the colour settles to. For me, the 9.0 matched perfectly in store and within 30min looked orange and way too dark. The 8.0 started off slightly light but then settled to the perfect shade.


Just keep this in mind before buying things online or right away in store.


Apparently it has antiwrinkle (Matrixyl 3000), brightening (Litchiderm), antioxidant (green tea) and vitamin properties which Urban Decay claims give you a whole lot of benefits. As someone who doesn’t wear foundation on a daily basis and relies on a good skin care regime for maintaining my skin, this isn’t necessarily a selling point for me. If you are someone who is a daily foundation wearer then it is definitely nice to know there is the potential to reap some skin benefits out of it too.

Price Point

Where can you buy it? Well as a local aussie gal, Urban Decay is exclusive to Mecca Maxima at $56 (http://mecca.com.au/urban-decay/naked-skin-weightless-ultra-definition-liquid-makeup/V-021063.html). $56 AUD isn’t actually so horrendous in the Australian market and I genuinely think it is worth the investment. At the end of the day Urban Decay is ‘high end’ so it is going to be expensive.


I am well and truly in LOVE with this foundation. If you keep in mind the colour matching and oxidisation drama you may have (the same goes for the concealer in this range) then I have no doubt you’ll love it too.


Don’t forget to follow my instagram as I am a hopeless wordpress blogger @abohemianexistence and until next time,

xox your local bohemian

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