Music Uncovered: Calan Mai

I am certainly not lying when I tell you that my interests are eclectic, diverse, bohemian. I have a passion for discovering artists that are brilliant, though perhaps underrated. Bookmark this page for regular updates on musicians I find fascinating, lyrically challenging, vocally captivating and musically inspiring.


If my last post is anything to go by, my humble little blog has the ability to predict some of the most successful artists. Just kidding, but don’t underestimate the future of Calan Mai.

Calan Mai is the stage name of Australian singer/songwriter and lyricist extraordinaire Jordan Lawrence. I have the pleasure of knowing Jordan personally but do not feel as if my opinions are biased.

Calan Mai is raw and lyrically focused, just the way I like it. The words captivate any listener, with the unique ability to make everyone relate to the feeling within them. They are set to simple, beautiful melodies. His voice resonates and for me is instantly soothing and has something so familiar to it that you can’t help but love the sound.

For as long as I have known Jordan his way with words is far beyond his years. I have always compared his talent with the likes of the phenomenal Bob Dylan; now that’s got to be something worth checking out. He has worked so incredibly hard on his musicality and voice and it shows creating something nothing short of extraordinary.

His upcoming EP “Days On The Rock Face” is due for release, with his first single Black Box already on his SoundCloud for us to fall in love with, along with a few other tracks from his earlier days.

“There is no black box, in the back. Oxygen mask that will breathe for us.”


I urge you to check out this artist who is sure to be taking the world by storm in the rather near future. Calan Mai in 3 words: Heartfelt, honest, genius.

xox your local bohemian

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