Fragrance Fiend: New Obsessions

If you follow me on Instagram (@abohemianexistence) you will know I have expanded my makeup addiction into fragrances. Sadly for me and my wallet, my obsession lies in high end quality perfumery but it does keep me smelling damn good and who doesn’t want that. In lieu of my recent purchases (and probably more to come) I have decided to start a new series: Fragrance Fiend. So far I have two posts planned for you. This one, which will talk about my 3 new found loves and the next one which will talk all about the new trend of fragrance layering.

Without further ado, here is a little about my 3 new, cost a pretty penny, perfumes.

Comme Des Garcons; Wonderwood

This was the first of the 3 that I added to my collection. I had been lusting after Wonderwood since I started working at Mecca Cosmetics 2 years ago. I used to go into work and douse myself in this scent. It is definitely a more masculine scent, but sometimes I just love smelling like a delicious man. Is that weird? Don’t judge. It lasts all day on my skin and often notice it even after I have had a solid shower. I love spraying it on my handbag for a weeks worth of Wonderwood following me around.


There is no denying that this is just a huge overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions; and I LOVE it. The notes in this are:

Head: Madagascan Pepper, Bergamot, Somalian Insence Nutmeg
Heart: Cristalon, Cashmeran, Cedarwood, Carvi Graines
End: Javanol, Sandal Wood, Vetiver, Agarwood

Because it is such a pure wood scent, it layers beautifully with florals and fresher smells (more on this in the next post). I do however love wearing this on it’s on. It pulls more feminine once it hits my skin and honestly when I wear this I just feel sexy. Usually a night time scent for me, but hey you do you boo. At $182 AUD from Mecca for the 100ml bottle, there’s not denying this leaves a dent in your bank balance, but it is 100% worth it to me. No regrets.

Jo Malone: Blackberry and Bay

The next 2 scents were picked up together duty free from Manchester airport on a recent Europe trip. This one is Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay; a social media fave. I was perusing the isles in Selfridges and in a moment of bad decision making sniffed this smell. I needed it. Right away. I left Selfridges with it sprayed over one of my wrists and couldn’t stop smelling myself. I think I had a brief moment of being mentally unstable. Anyway, I went back and bought it.


Here are the notes for you true perfume connoisseurs:


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