Spark 2.0

New year. New post. Well not so much. 2.0 you say? Read the initial installment here, so you have an idea as to what I am rambling about.


Done reading? Well let me preface this post by saying that it is far more positive than the one I wrote over a year ago, perhaps somewhat bittersweet but I assure you is full of hope.

I did it again. I sparked. That stupid little electrical impulse in my heart lept a little bit and changed the way my soul conducts its way through my body. In that moment, you feel on top of the world, but just like any bit of generated electricity, it is trying to find earth and grounding. The grounding for this spark is in the soul of another, to find yourself intertwined on a level that transcends the physical constraints.

Do you think that I managed to do it? OH HELL NO. My spark is still buzzing around inside my chest, waiting to find ground, continuously electrocuting me as it does so. That’s how I describe the pain and hurt anyway, because it is not something constant and ever present. It is when everything is still, when your mind is not distracted that you feel like a pang of pain. It is in the moments of solitude that you remember the electricity.

Okay, so I promised that this post would be positive, or at the very least, bittersweet. I believe every life experience brings a lesson to learn, and here is what I have learnt. For every sparky (yes that’s what I have dubbed them) I have become more spiritual; I have found the ability to believe in something greater that cannot be described or defined by human language. To know that there exists an intrinsic connection between humans that doesn’t require months or years of ‘getting to know them’. I find myself believing in the soul of a person, in the connection that two souls can create. I have learnt that this is the feeling we should all hold out for, even if that means waiting what feels like an eternity for it to be reciprocated. Settling for anything less is not only doing you an injustice, but preventing the person you settle for from finding their own requited spark. It is both selfish and of no benefit to anyone.

A bittersweet thought perhaps, but one that I think brings with it a sense of hope. A sentiment we should all try to hold on to, but until then here is something I wrote as a new years message that I wish to share with you all:

I have always believed that life is made of the people you meet. Every single person changes your life in some way or another to help you become the person you are, and hopefully that aligns with the person you want to be. So thank you for changing my life!

Remember to touch more lives for the better. Remember that a smile never went astray and that kindness costs you nothing. Stand up for yourself when you need to, but remember when to walk away. Remember life definitely throws curve balls and that hard decisions often need to be made. Most importantly remember that I am unconditionally there for the people in my life; I believe in Karma.

Leave the hate, remorse, arrogance and judgement back in yesteryear. Go take the world head on. Be kinder. Do more good. Inspire and be inspired. Love and be loved. Be loyal and in return you will find loyalty.

Good luck for 2016. I can’t wait to see what the years bring for us all.

xox your once again acutely electrocuted bohemian




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