Dear Creative Soul: An Open Letter

Hey there. Gee wizz has it been a while since this blog got some lovin’ (as usual). I must admit this post a little bit of a lazy one, that has been pre written for other purposes.

I believe that every creative human, whether a writer, painter, poet, lyricist or musician needs a physical medium to write and record their creativity and inspirations. Whether via a blog, a word document or an album. My personal choice is a gloriously smelling leather bound book. Check out Uscha for what I use. Disclaimer: they don’t even know I exist, I just like that they produce ethical, high quality product with a social conscience. Have a look at their site for more.

Anyway, because I find such a creative release within the pages of my own leather sanctuary, I have found it makes for a perfect gift for my fellow creative souls. This is a letter I penned and left within their book. I hope it provides you, my dear bohemian reader, with the same inspiration I hope it provides them. For your journey.

Dear Creative Soul,

For your musical and creative journey, let this humble gift be your guide.

Use it to document things that inspire you. A single word, from the lips of a lover. A picture you took on an adventure of a view you could look at for the rest of your life. An idea, a line, a story, a novel. Emote through the pages of this book. Let it become the place where you speak your mind and edit your thoughts before you let the rest of the world in. Write in it your thoughts of yesterday, your desires for today and your hopes for tomorrow.

Let its pages speak both truth and lies. Let it provide insight into the deepest darkest places your mind allows you to go as well the lightest most joyous experiences. Let it be a point of reference and a point of reflection.

Every artist needs a medium to emote and draft. Let that be within these pages, the whiff of fresh leather each time a page is turned. Let the cover and insides be coffee or whiskey stained or smell of cigarettes as you find yourself in the back of an old rum bar.

Each page a reminder of the beauty of your mind and the honesty of your heart. Timeless. The world will only ever see a snippet of these memories; what you allow people to see, feel and resonate with. Dear creative soul, this book is for you and you only.


With never ending love, positive vibes and inspiration. From me to you.

xox your local bohemian

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