About Me

A few blogs in I have realised there is nothing on my blog to help my readers connect with me. So this is all about me, the girl that signs off as xox your local bohemian.

I am 22. Female. But there is so much more.

I have such a diverse set of interests. I love beauty and fashion obviously, given the majority of my posts. But I also love music. I am a singer, songwriter and all round musician. I could not go a day of my life without music. Any kind, but a mellow guitar and lyrically beautiful melody will never fail to capture my heart. I am a doctor and lover of science.I consider myself an entrepreneur with industry experience in sponsorship and company promotion. I am a humanitarian, with a goal to make the world a better place through my actions. I am spiritual, I love all religions and engage me in a philosophical discussion and I will be as happy as can be.

As you can see, there is a lot I love and above all I am excited to learn and explore the world around me everyday. It is for this reason you can call me your local bohemian.


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