A Huge Makeup Blunder ?!?

Hello my fellow beauty bohemians. This is a speedy (but super important) post while we await the third and final instalment of my ‘Essentials’ series. Want to know one of the biggest makeup blunders girls (and guys) everywhere make? 

Storing it in the BATHROOM!

Now I must admit, I have been totally guilty of this. The bathroom provides such a convenient place for makeup storage. It has nice drawers, cupboards and shelves, as well as a mirror for all your application needs. It is so much effort to go and get storage specific for your collection and put it in your bedroom or a spare room. It means you will either need to get a mirror for that room too, or lug all your products into the bathroom for application. Trust me, I get it, it’s a pain. Let me tell you why this probably isn’t the best idea though.

The water in your bathroom makes the air and surroundings very damp. Often your bathroom bench is also next to a shower. A hot shower not only adds to the dampness, it adds heat and humidity. Ever noticed many products say store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight? Take those same words of wisdom when it comes to your makeup storage. The humidity, head and damp environment will make your products go ‘off’ far quicker. It provides a breeding ground for bacteria in all your liquid and powder products and will also discolour many powder products.

So there you have it folks. STOP doing it if you are now. We spend valuable money on good quality makeup and we want to take care of it so we can continue to get materialistic pleasure from it. Let me know if you want some ideas on makeup storage. I know there are lot of blogs and videos about for that kind of thing, so it is totally up to my readers. I just felt this issue was one that was rarely touched on and is super important.

xox your local bohemian

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